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by Naoko Tosa


Please make your message using the figures!

Various kinds of icons for visual communications have been used from the very beginning of human history. We can find such various kinds of icons in wall paintings all over the world, hieroglyphs, Celtic, Chinese characters, earthen clay figures, totem poles, masks, pattern and so on. There are lots of similarities among these icons. This indicates that all human races came out of the same roots. Because of this, even though most of us are not using these icons or old characters, we have a kind of nostalgic feeling toward these forms.

This art work realizes the integration of various kinds of icons that have existed throughout the human history and throughout the human races, jumping the gap of time and space. And also these integrated icons are augmented on the actual scenery of the Venice landscape.

On a display of a smart phone there are various icons flowing around on the space. As each of these icons has its own meaning, users can compose messages by selecting some of the icons one by one

In the edit mode, users can insert modern icons such as “Emoticon”, flags and “Japanese Emoji.”

In the next step, users are asked to write a new meaning of the icon sequence in English.

Then take a screenshot with the messages.

This AR software connects people and make ILLUMInations experience there and here, old and new over the nation!