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"Sky Pavilions"
by John Cleater


Sky Pavilions are virtual cloudbursts filled with guidance.

Sky Pavilions are virtual cloudbursts filled with nonsensical and practical guidance. They may be located near cultural landmarks, empty fields, abandoned developments, or even above your home. They cause disturbances in the atmosphere and may jump out of bounds without notice. These hovering vessels are prepared to carry you as far out or as deep within as you need to Be. If you see a Floatie hovering above the ground, be sure to send a message with them to the Sky Pavilion nearest you.

Dewanatron asks, "where are they located? Here, there or anywhere. But not everywhere. Because you don't see things like this everyday. In fact you can't see them if you look around. If you did, people might think you are seeing things. Which as you know, is not permitted. People might think you're superstitious. But you didn't hallucinate it. Look up in the sky. Its not a police helicopter.... They were created, but can they be destroyed? I ask You... The great thing about them is that they don't weigh anything!"

Current Locations:
- High Line, 15th - 20th st., NYC
- Terminal #5, JFK Airport, NYC
- ICA, Boston, Massachusetts
- Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy
- Sydney Opera House, Australia
- Disney Hall, Los Angeles, CA